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OP/TECH Pro Loop Camera Strap Review

Optech Pro Camera Strap  


August, 2011

The Pro Loop is a traditional neck camera strap made by OP/TECH, a US company located in Montana, which specializes in camera straps as well as soft pouches for camera equipment and other electronic devices. The unique feature of OP/TECH straps are the system connectors. The connectors allow you to customize the strap to suit your needs. The connecting buckle is made of plastic (see image below). Connecting and disconnecting it is quick and easy. I was a little worried that the connection could fail, especially when using a heavy lens, but after using it and trying to pull it apart, the connection remained strong and tight.


Optech Pro Camera Strap


The Pro Loop connector (shown below) easily attaches to the camera eyelet. Just detach the connector from the main strap, put the end loop through the eyelet, pull the rest of the connector through the loop, pull it tight, and re-attach it to the strap. OP/TECH makes fourteen different connectors, including swivel hooks and a sling strap adaptor.

Optech Pro Camera Strap

The strap itself is very comfortable. OP/TECH claims their straps make a load feel 50% lighter because they act as shock absorbers and stretch to distribute the load over a larger area. I don't know if the 50% part is accurate or not, but the strap did seem to lighten the camera around my neck a bit. The strap is made of neoprene and other materials and includes a Non Slip Grip. If you're comfortable with neck straps then I can highly recommend the OP/TECH Pro Loop. It's much better than the generic straps camera manufacturers supply with their cameras. The Pro Loop Strap can also be purchased with OP/TECH's standard connector, simply known as the Pro Strap. Both versions come in a variety of colors.

For more info you can visit OP/TECH's product page here.


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