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OP/TECH Cam Strap-QD Camera Wrist Strap Review

Optech Cam Strap-QD  


November, 2011

The Cam Strap-QD is a wrist strap made by OP/TECH, a US company located in Montana, which specializes in camera straps as well as soft pouches for camera equipment and other electronic devices. The strap features a quick disconnect which makes it easy to attach the loop to the eyelet of your camera. The part of the strap that wraps around your wrist is made of neoprene which makes it very comfortable to wear. There is a slider so you can adjust the tightness. The strap comes in a variety of colors and patterns. I chose the skull and crossbone pattern, an obvious choice for me since I'm a skull guy.

Optech Cam Strap-QD


The Cam Strap-QD is thicker than most wrist straps, but also more comfortable. If the strap gets sweaty and grimey there's no need to worry since it's washable. The strap, as with all wrist straps, is really meant to be used so you don't drop your camera. It's really not supposed to be used as the only support for your camera. I often see people with their cameras dangling at their sides with a wrist strap the only thing preventing it from falling to the ground. Personally, I always hold my camera in my hand. Not only does it stay more secure, but there is less of a chance of it getting damaged if it swings around. I bought the Cam Strap-QD to use with my Fuji X10 and it works great. The Cam Strap-QD is available at Amazon.com.

For more info you can visit OP/TECH's product page here.


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