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Dynamic Auto-Painter Review

(also see the Snap Art 3 review)
June 2012

Dynamic Auto-Painter (DAP) is software made by Media Chance which transforms photos into painted like images. The various styles used are based on some of the greatest painters such as Monet and van Gough. There are currently two versions available, DAP Standard and DAP x64 PRO. The PRO version includes some extra features such as high resolution output and light adjustments. Both version are available for Windows and can also be run on MAC using a virtualiztion tool (see the Media Chance website for compatibility). All the different styles have default settings but can be highly customized. You can adjust the palette type, brush size, number of brush strokes, canvas type and texture, and much more. Most of the settings are easy to figure out. A few you will have to experiment with, but the included PDF file explains them all. Here's an example using the van Gough 2 HD style:

Dynamic Auto-Painter Example

Dynamic Auto-PainterExample
With van Gough 2 HD style added. 

Here's another example using the Watercolor style:

Dynamic Auto-Painter Examlple

Dynamic Auto-Painter Example
With Watercolor style added. 

One nice feature of the program is that if you apply the same style to a photo multiple times it will never render the same output twice. So if you like a particular style for a particular photo but don't like the output just run the program again until you are happy with the results. Another nice feature is the POI (Point of Interest). You can use your mouse to click on the image to focus on areas that need more attention. My favorite part of the program is watching it run. You see your original photo transformed as thousands of brush strokes are applied to it. If you use Continuous Mode the painting doesn't finish by itself and you need to press the stop button when you are satisfied with the results (on occassion though it did actually stop). I usually let it run for about 15,000 strokes, but I've let it go as high as 25,000, depending on the style. It does take some time. After a while the image doesn't change much.

Dynamic Auto-Painter is a fun little program to use. You can transform everyday photos into masterpieces in the style of some of the greats. Both professional and amateur photographers alike will find many uses for it. The Standard version of Dynamic Auto-Painter is $51. The x64 PRO version is $99.95. You can download a free trial of DAP from the Media Chance website here.


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