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Capture Pro Camera Clip System Review

Capture Pro Camera Clip System  


March, 2014

The Capture Pro Camera Clip is a new and improved version of the original Capture Camera Clip (see my review here). The Capture Pro clip can be attached to a backpack strap or a waist belt, or any other strap for that matter. Peak Design has made several improvements to the original, including a more form friendly rounded and sleeker chasis and backplate, an Arca and RC2 compatible capture plate, and a tripod socket located on the backplate. The Capture Pro Camera Clip is an almost must have for photographers with outdoor lifestyles, but it's also great for the casual photographer as well. The clip provides secure, easy access to your camera and you are no longer constrained by having a camera dangling around your neck or off your shoulder.

Capture Pro Camera Clip System
The Capture Pro Camera Clip is slimmer than the original, making it easier to slip under a belt or behind a backpack strap.

The Pro version works the same way as the original. The chasis swivels open, the backplate is slid behind a strap or belt, you close the chasis and tighten the clamping bolts to secure the clip in place. The Capture plate attaches to the camera's tripod mount, and the plate slides into the chasis where it is locked into place. To release the camera from the clip simply press the quick release button. As with the original, the Pro version also features a twist lock which adds an additional level of security to keep the plate secure.

Capture Pro Camera Clip System
The Capture Pro Camera Clip features the same components as the original, but in a sleeker, more user friendly design.

The design of the capture plate has been improved by being RC2 and Arca compatible (the original design was only Arca Classic compatible). This allows you to leave the plate attached to the camera at all times. You don't have to remove it if you are using a tripod. Like before, the plate is designed with "loops" allowing for easy attachment of a camera strap. Note - shown below is the Dualplate. A new and even more improved Proplate is now available.

Capture Pro Plate
The Capture plate is Arca and RC2 compatible so you can leave it attached to the camera if you use a tripod. There are loops on each side of the plate so you can attach a camera strap to it.

My biggest complaint about the original Capture Clip was that a larger camera and/or lens worn on my hip wasn't balanced well and tended to bounce too much. Peak Design recognized this issue and came up with a solution, the Propad. You simply attach the Capture Clip to the Propad and then slip the pad around your belt. The pad provides more support and stabilization for bigger and heavier camera gear. Although it does work, having a long lens against my leg still felt a little uncomfortable to me. But using the Propad definitely keeps the camera balanced and minimizes lens bounce.

Capture Pro Camera Clip System Capture Propad
When used with Peak Design's Capture Camera Clip the Propad helps keep your camera and lens stable and balanced.

The improvements made to the Capture Clip make it easier to attach to a strap or belt. It's also a little easier to access your camera when you need it. I recommend the Capture Pro Camera Clip to just about everyone. Just make sure that if you regularly use a large camera and/or lenses that your gear will feel comfortable hanging off your waist and against your leg. Along with the Pro version Peak Design also offers a standard Capture Clip. The standard clip comes with an Arca compatible only plate, isn't all metal, and has no tripod mount on the bottom. You can purchase any of Peak Design's products from their website here, or from Amazon.

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