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About the Used Lens Price Guide

Prices were calculated as follows:
- final eBay sale price including shipping charges
- average price of 40 sales (50 samples used, with the 5 highest and lowest prices excluded)
- US sales shipping to US only
- if shipping was not mentioned the sale was not counted
- if shipping cost was based on location a central destination point was used
- if any lens defect was mentioned (scratch, haze, etc.), the sale was not counted
- cosmetic defects were ignored as long as the lens performance wasn't affected
- sales from sellers with less than 100 feedbacks and sales from sellers with poor feedback ratings were not counted
- accesories included or missing with the lens (lens hood, caps, and box), were not taken into consideration
- sales of lenses with missing tripod collars were excluded
- sales which included any extra items such as a lens filter were not counted
- sales of refurbished lenses were counted
- sales with no actual photo(s) were not counted (excluding refurbished lenses from reputable dealers)
- inaccurate or wrong titles and descriptions were not counted, ie VR mentioned in the title, but photo of item was non VR version of lens
- sales of kit lenses listed as new were counted

This guide should only be used as a reference to get a general idea of what a used lens is selling for. Only an individual can determine what he/she is willing to pay for a lens based on condition, etc. Older manual focus lenses are not included in the guide. There are just too many to cover

Be sure to check when the lens price was last updated. Time and the introduction of new lenses can change the going rate for a used lens. Although the guide is updated when possible, it is a time consuming process and may not always reflect the current market value.

Note - there may be price variations between the different camera mounts for Sigma, Tokina, and Tamron lenses.

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